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Our Story

Founded by a group of Boston Latin School students during the COVID-19 pandemic, we see the short-comings of the learning systems adopted by many schools across America. Docemus Tutoring seeks to provide an individualized educating experience for those who need it most. 

Docemus Tutoring Connecting Students, Connecting America


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What Makes Docemus Tutoring Different?

Unlike traditional tutoring services, Docemus offers student-to-student relationships; as high school students, Docemus tutors know exactly what it is like being in the seats of our students, enabling us to mentor and teach them at the highest level possible. Our tutors go beyond just teaching our students, as they provide beneficial academic advice and valuable friendships. Through our vetting and pairing processes for tutors, we can assure you that all of our tutors are of the highest quality and partnered perfectly with our students based on their needs.


How we vet our tutors

At Docemus we take great pride in our tutors. Each tutor goes through a stringent vetting process to make sure they are qualified to teach a subject. Volunteers first sign up and are interviewed by our tutoring managers and liaisons regarding their qualifications, dedication, and purpose. The interview questions also include a range of possible scenarios to see how the prospective tutor would act in each situation. Background checks are performed on the tutors to ensure their records are clear. The volunteers are later given a basic test to assess their knowledge on the certain subject that they are interested in (based on exhibited proficiency); the tutor must receive above 85% on the test to be qualified to tutor that subject.


Docemus Tutoring accepts tutors and students from all across the country!


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