Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Docemus Tutoring cost money?

Absolutely not!

Docemus Tutoring provides free tutoring to all!

Do I need to be a Boston Latin student to use Docemus Tutoring?

You do not have to be affiliated with Boston Latin School to be a student or a tutor! We welcome and encourage everyone to sign up today!

How are the tutors chosen?

Our tutors are selected from the top high schools and colleges across the country and pass a stringent vetting process to be approved.
Before they start tutoring, our tutors go through a background check, an interview, a scenario test, and if necessary, test/s on the subject/s they plan to tutor.

How are students and tutors paired?

Our team gathers information about students and tutors from the form/s they fill out and use this information to find the best fit for each student and tutor.

Age, subjects of need/specialty, availability, and more all go into the thought process of the Docemus team when pairing students and tutors.

Is there a time frame for tutoring? How much can I be tutored?

The one-on-one tutoring that Docemus offers does not run on a set schedule and is instead flexibly tailor-made to each student and tutor. There is never a limit to how much you can be tutored at Docemus Tutoring.

What subjects does Docemus Tutoring offer?

The beauty of Docemus Tutoring is that there is no set work or schedule for each tutor and student team, instead, our tutors are instructed to lend a helping hand where it is needed.

From history to math and Italian to science, Docemus has you covered with all third through tenth-grade subjects and foreign language instruction from our world-class tutors.


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