doceo, docere, docui, doctus

Latin verb


teach, show, point out


Our Mission

Docemus seeks to forge meaningful and productive academic and

personal connections between students and their mentors.

Through these relationships, Docemus will enable far-reaching growth and

provides access to high-quality tutoring regardless of socio-economic status.

Docemus believes in fostering diversity of thought in all its members, across a

conglomerate of areas while promoting interpersonal skills.


100% Free

Docemus Tutoring's mission is to provide tutoring to all who need it, free of charge. How are we able to do this? Docemus Tutoring is a purely volunteer-run organization, by students and for students. At Docemus Tutoring, we care about the quality of education, not profit, because a good teacher is worth more than their weight in gold.


Board Governing Constitution

How we govern ourselves, ratified June 3, 2020, and subject to amendment by the board as delineated in the text. This constitution serves as guidelines for us to help provide the best service to you.