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Student participants are expected to be fully responsible for their behavior and its consequences. I (we) agree that we will fully indemnify Docemus Tutoring and its agents for any harm that results from the actions of our child. I (we) understand that Docemus Tutoring reserves the right to cancel or alter any scheduled activity or remove any person if it becomes necessary or advisable at Docemus Tutoring’s discretion.

Docemus Tutoring staff members and representatives will supervise students at all times during the classes. Students will be expected to adhere to all guidelines and instructions indicated below.

Student Code of Conduct

  • Student participants taking part in the classes are expected to conduct themselves appropriately and professionally at all times.

  • Unless ill or otherwise excused, students are required to take part in all sessions and classes scheduled.

  • Please arrive promptly for all scheduled classes.

Media Release - Docemus Tutoring

In consideration of the opportunity to appear in the Docemus Tutoring photography or video materials or any and all additional materials created now or in the future by or for Docemus Tutoring (the “Materials”) and for other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are acknowledged, I hereby grant Docemus Tutoring the right to photograph, record, videotape and/or utilize my image, voice, picture, name, silhouette or other reproduction of my physical likeness (hereafter called "Media") for and on behalf of Docemus Tutoring, specifically for use in the Materials and marketing thereof.

I grant Docemus Tutoring and its employees, agents, successors, assignees and affiliates (collectively referred to herein as “Docemus Tutoring”) the exclusive, royalty-free and irrevocable right and license to:

1) Reproduce, use, re-use, publish, display, copyright and distribute all Media contained in the Materials, or any portions thereof, in connection with any and all mediums now known or hereinafter developed, for any purpose and on a worldwide basis.

2) Reproduce, use, re-use, publish, display, copyright, and distribute the Media contained in the Materials, or any portions thereof, in connection with any promotion, advertising, and publicity of the Materials, on a worldwide basis.

I release and discharge Docemus Tutoring and the photographer(s), knowing that Docemus Tutoring and the photographers are relying on this release at substantial cost, from any claims or demands made by me in connection with the authorized use of the Media in the Materials including but not limited to claims for libel, slander, invasion of privacy, rights of publicity and/or copyright infringement.

I understand that the copyright to the Media and the Materials will and does reside with Docemus Tutoring, and to the extent, it is not deemed a work-made-for-hire or not otherwise deemed owned or held by Docemus Tutoring for any reason, then I hereby assign any such copyrights and related rights I may have in the Media and Materials to Docemus Tutoring.

I have read and understood this Agreement and the terms hereof. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Massachusetts.

I (we) agree that I (we) will not hold Docemus Tutoring or its agents liable for loss, damage, injury, death, or inconvenience caused by, or resulting from, (i) any negligence by Docemus Tutoring or its agents arising from the classes, (ii) malfunction of transportation equipment, (iii) acts of God, (iv) war or civil strife, (v) fire, (vi) theft, (vii) any acts or omissions not directly under the control of Docemus Tutoring or its agents, or (viii) any other occurrences including but not limited to epidemics and pandemics. Further, I (we) promise not to sue Docemus Tutoring or its agents for loss, damage, injury, death, or inconvenience arising from the classes.

Please note: all student information disclosed is safe.

By signing this Parent/Guardian Permission Form, I (we) agree that our son/daughter has our permission to participate in the Docemus Tutoring tutoring program. Your signature indicates consent and releases Docemus Tutoring staff of any responsibility in case of accident not due to negligence.


Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Docemus Tutoring community. If you follow our guidelines and vow to enter this learning environment with a positive attitude you will be welcome here. If you decide to breach our rules you can be subject to expulsion and/or legal action. All our tutors and students are held to the same standards. We require you to be considerate and follow our community guidelines.

Docemus Tutoring is a teaching and learning environment. We have zero-tolerance for inappropriate behavior during tutoring sessions. Do not send provocative,  nude, or inappropriate photos, or do anything sexual or inappropriate during video call tutoring sessions. Do not expose others and students to graphic or inappropriate content during or outside tutoring sessions. These actions will result in your immediate expulsion.

We will not allow any disrespectful or inappropriate behavior. If you are disrespectful, offensive, threatening, or rude to another user, we reserve the right to permanently ban you from the platform.

Docemus Tutoring has a zero-tolerance policy on hate speech. Any content that promotes hate or violence against individuals or groups based on race or ethnicity, religion, disability, gender, age, nationality, sexual orientation, or gender identity is strictly prohibited and will result in you being permanently banned.

Any report that we receive that involves stalking, threats, bullying, scamming, intimidation, or revealing other people’s private information is taken extremely seriously. Any user who distributes screenshots taken of other people without permission from our media team may be subject to being banned. Docemus Tutoring reserves the right to permanently ban any user that has exhibited behavior that is threatening, or intentionally harmful or to other users.

By signing these guidelines the tutor/student agrees that they do not possess a criminal record, and understand that lying about possessing a criminal record would result in immediate expulsion from the Docemus Tutoring platform.

By agreeing to these guidelines you understand that you are subject to expulsion and/or legal action upon breaking our rules. You also vow to release Docemus Tutoring from any liability, and you agree to take responsibility for any illicit action you may have partaken in while tutoring on the platform, or interacting with students/tutors.